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Nightingale and Eashing Cemeteries

Busbridge Parish Council along with Godalming Town Council is a constituent member of the Godalming Joint Burial Committee.

Between the Councils they own and operate two cemeteries. The older of the two, Nightingale Cemetery, is located in Deanery Road, Godalming and was opened in 1857. It is now only available for burial of residents of Busbridge Parish or Godalming Town.

The newer Godalming Cemetery, now known as Eashing Cemetery, opened in 1901 and is located off Franklyn Road. It consists of 20 acres of cemetery land managed not only as a peaceful and tranquil area of reflection for the bereaved but also as a haven for flora and fauna.

Eashing Cemetery is available for people from Busbridge Parish, Godalming Town and the wider area. However, the fees and charges associated are reduced for residents of Busbridge Parish and Godalming Town.

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