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New pilot project to combat loneliness launches in Waverley

This month, a new pilot project 'Paintings in Hospitals' is being launched to help social isolation and loneliness at home by connecting participants with art, creative activities, and communities of like-minded people.

Initially launching in the Guildford and Waverley area, the OASIS project aims to place meaningful artworks, specially produced for individuals, directly into people's homes and to enable eligible participants to make new social connections through a range of guided conversations and group activities.

To deliver the OASIS pilot project, Paintings in Hospitals has partnered with Reconnections by Independent Age. Reconnections support over 65s who feel lonely or isolated. People want to connect in a variety of ways and the team listen to each individual and work with them to find new opportunities and rekindle a love of life. Whether it's discovering disco, bonding over bonsai, absorbing art, or forming friendships. OASIS will be launched with the Guildford and Waverley team and will bring participants together over a shared love of creativity.

To find out more about Paintings in Hospitals visit their website at Paintings in Hospitals and for more information on Reconnections visit Reconnections by Independent Age website.

You can also find out about other support by visiting Waverley Borough Council's community support webpage.

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