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Are you prepared for the season change?

Autumn is officially here – thicker socks, longer nights, hot drinks. As the leaves begin to fall it is an important time to think about the actions we could take now which might reduce the impact of the bad weather that lies ahead.

The team at #SurreyPrepared have some suggestions which could help protect your property and reduce the risk of flooding:

Falling autumn leaves are beautiful but they can quickly clog up gutters and drains. Setting aside time to safely check and clear drainage around the outside of your home can prevent damage and flooding as the weather worsens.

If you own land next to a ditch, stream or brook then it is your responsibility to ensure it stays clear of debris such as silt, leaves and branches, so water can drain away. This is essential for preventing flooding, especially during winter months.

Could your property be at risk of flooding? You can check in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea via the website.

Getting an early warning and staying informed about severe weather or potential flooding can make a huge difference. Check out the #SurreyPrepared website for information about signing up for free alerts.

If the worst happens, would you quickly be able to find your insurance details, medication info or number for the friend who could pick a child up from school? Filling out the free #SurreyPrepared ICE template ensures you can react quickly. Keep a hard copy and store online.

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